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Senior Manager-Network Infrastructure

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Job Description

  • Deploy and Configure Networks :
    The most important duty of the senior network administrator is to establish and configure networks for organization-wide use. The senior network administrator determines the organization’s data management and information technology needs and decides how to set up the network and provide users and the organization as a whole with constant access to servers and data storage sites
  • Lead IT and Administrative Teams : Senior network administrators lead teams of IT personnel, which can include system and network administrators and IT technicians and specialists. In this aspect of the role, the senior network administrator determines areas of the IT infrastructure that need particular attention or expertise, directs system network administrators to resolve user-side issues, and manages the overall workflow of the IT department
  • Maintain System Integrity : The senior network administrator maintains reliable system performance through active monitoring of error logs and user-reported network issues. The senior network administrator conducts regular tests to ensure that the system meets expectations for speed, security, and reliability. As part of this responsibility, the senior network administrator may also work with technicians and administrators to conduct routine system audits, making recommendations to improve reliability and performance
  • Improve System Performance
  • Senior network administrators lead teams to develop and deploy performance-enhancing measures throughout the network. The senior network administrator makes key hardware decisions, such as replacing or upgrading servers or shifting databases to new software to improve network security, reliability, or speed. Senior network administrator develops proposals for IT improvements and investments and presents them to senior managers or executives
  • Develop Backend Network Architecture
  • The senior network administrator works with their team members to design and oversee server-side elements of an organization’s network infrastructure. This can include installing network-wide malware protection software, developing firewalls, and configuring databases and access on the back end. The senior network administrator also makes decisions regarding network upgrades and repairs
  • Conduct Data Backups
  • Senior network administrators ensure that data remains intact, secure, and accessible in case of system crashes by conducting data backups. In this aspect of the role, the senior network administrator determines when to back up or transfer data and take the network offline with the least amount of impact or interruption to the organization. After completing a backup, the senior network administrator and their team verify data to ensure a successful backup


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field Cisco certified Network (CCNA, CCENT)
  • Cisco certified Network (CCNA, CCENT)
  • Must Advance linux skill prefer

Send your CV to, write “Senior Manager-Network Infrastructure” in the subject, and explain in 15 lines maximum in the body of the email what you have in terms of skills which make you fit for the role and to join the Kobo360 adventure.

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