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How To Become An Expert – Software Developer, Designer, Data Analyst Or At Any Other Skills

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Extreme times need extreme measures – the COVID19 pandemic has brought us to a place where extreme measures are being employed to stay alive.

Directing our shots at companies – many of whom are trying enough to just stay alive and that comes with a price – people losing their jobs, some accepting pay cuts while the others are encouraged to go on leave without pay.

If you’re one of those that were affected by the layoff, then it is not a time to just sit and whine, you’ve got to dust yourself up and try again.


If you’re applying for tech jobs as a career change or your work has become monotonous that another company would lighten up your ‘ginger’, then there’s a challenge.

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Companies are going for the best right now

Bringing the principles of economics here – the law of demand and supply – companies is now going for the best. They now have a pool of talents to choose from, and this pool is made up tech talents with usable skills and experience that can be put to work immediately they’re hired.

Tech companies or companies hiring tech for tech skills are now looking beyond the certificates and more at the problems you’ve solved with it that is in line with what problem they want to hire you to solve.

Companies pay you to do things and not to know things. They’re not paying you because of what you know but for what you can do.

Even as an intern searching for a place to express your tech skills, they want to know you’ve got a practical skill that they can build upon. They don’t want you a virgin.

As a newbie to tech, you cannot achieve competence without practice. This alone has stacked the odds against you.

Because we’re a skilled base society and no linger a knowledge-based society, your tech skills is what will pay you.

To be a able to compete and not leave yourself to luck, chance and mistake; you have to plan out your career goal with a focus.

So, when people get into a particular challenge, your name comes up immediately.

You’ve got to plan to be an expert

For you to get to the position where you can consider yourself an expert is not a day’s job. It requires you to continually work on what you do with a certain kind of focus.

Without this focus, you can end up trying to master every other skill without mastering a core skill that sets you apart and gives you the advantage.

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Being an expert in the tech industry, it is important you focus on what skill, industry or challenge per time. That’s how it works.

The world has changed and that’s not just a cliché. It is the new normal. The previous world ended. To survive in this new world and its order, you’ve got to aim to be an expert at whatever you do.

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Being an expert here doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be so good tat you are now the solutions to everyone else’s questions.

Being an expert means you’re competent; you can be confronted by a question and you’ll always find a way to birth a solution. You can use leverage to get to the next level.

Being an expert means you’re an innovator. Innovators don’t just find knowledge; they create it. They invent solutions. They define best practices.

And the only way to be an expert is to solve real world problems.

Someone accurately said; the best sources for real world problems and questions are the real world problems and questions.

6 steps to become an expert

+ Keep learning and stay current

+ Answer questions e.g Quora, Reddit, Twitter, Focus group etc.

+ Write or blog: the best way to retain what you know is to teach it – so said a quote

+ Contribute to projects: try out Githubs, Stack Overflow etc.

+ Attend and speak at user’s groups

+ Do a professional course: Pluralsight, Coursera, Udemy, HBX etc.

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UI/UX Graphic Designer – Remote

Remote Software Project Manager

Remote Senior/Technical Lead Web Developer

Remote Manual QA

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