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Searching For A Tech Job? Be Impatience With Actions, Patience With Results

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This is really a time that you’ve got to apply one of the critical skills needed for success, especially if you’re playing long term.

For instance, there’re people who get anxious receiving email from their office because of all the layoffs and furloughing currently going on. This has a relative spiral effect, in that, to be protected, an employee can start applying for jobs haphazardly – just in case.

Well, stumbling on this quote by the Naval (Silicon Valley tech founder and investor) – if you don’t know him, check him up on his website and Twitter page where he shares major nuggets.

Impatience with actions, patience with results

By Naval

And the article where the quote was pulled out from: “When you do these things, do them as quickly as you can and with your full attention so you do them well. Then be patient with the results because you’re dealing with complex systems and a lot of people.

It takes a long time for markets to adopt products. It takes time for people to get comfortable working with each other. It takes time for great products to emerge as you polish away.

Impatience with actions, patience with results.”

How it applies to you

As you probably can guess, there are more people searching for a new job or their first job amidst all the COVID19 pandemic.

You know – Andela layoffs, Access Bank and iRoko TV doing the same. It’s not pretty out there. Some employers also feel this is the time to snap up some of those talents these companies have been harnessing all these years.   

And we wrote about how you can plan to stand against these guys with huge skills and work experience when you look at the industry – tech – where what you do and how long you’ve been doing it is a success factor.

As Naval said, and bringing it home to you – be hungry to applying for jobs advertised or job ads that you stumbled upon, immediately. Don’t wait till tomorrow. Be like Nike – do it now!

While you’re going with all the zeal and pushing yourself to do more – submitting more resumes per day at a high frequency and putting all efforts to updating your resume with the right skills – you must be patient with your expectations.

We know it is such a hard time because of all the uncertainties but nothing will change just because you’re impatient with your expectations.

For instance, your worry can’t force a hiring manager to send you an email that invites you for an interview. Neither can it make a hiring company to consider and hire you above everyone else.

There’s a popular verse of the Bible that reads: “Be anxious for nothing”.

Apply it in this case; don’t allow anxiety get the best of you. Stop sending unsolicited reminder emails to every hiring manager for whatever reasons.

There’s definitely a better way to follow-up so you’re not seen as a stalker. And that’s exactly what nobody wants to hire – ‘a stalker’.

Again we quote Naval: Emotions are what prevent you from seeing what’s actually happening, until you can no longer resist the truth of what’s happening, until it becomes too sudden, and then you’re forced into suffering; which is sort of a breaking of this fantasy that you had put together.”

Don’t allow your emotions guide and ride you.

What to do as you wait

+ Join your industry community group: you’ve got a lot of them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack and many other places where they either meet in-person or online. It is your job to search them out.

+ Exercise and Eat Healthily: you don’t want to appear at an interview looking sick. You won’t look pretty – this is an opportunity to charm the interviewer(s) as much as you can. Remember, what they said about the first impression?

+ Review your CV: send your CV to someone that is willing to help you review your CV if you cannot afford a professional paid service. Don’t downplay CV review. You’re probably not an expert and even if you are, there might be things you just didn’t see. Let someone else help you review it.

We know getting a job isn’t rocket science but many of the candidates who use our platform to apply for jobs have got testimonies about they apply some of our suggestions and it made all the difference.

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