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How do you measure up in that job you applied for?

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If you’ve set up yourself to get employed at this time and have been sending out your resume as much as you can, it’s time to ask yourself – “how do I measure up for the role I’m applying for?”

You might be wondering why the question especially when you’ve tidied up all loosed ends.

Well, the reason is quite simple – more people with much more experiences are being fired from their jobs – the COVID19 effect.

The big challenge

It is no longer news that Andela – one of the top companies as regards tech skills in Nigeria laid off many of their staff recently.

Now, as a tech talent looking for a new job or your first job, how do you measure up against these guys?

Flipping it on its head – ‘would a company hire your tech skills as against those coming from Andela?”

How it all stacks: A tech talent from Andela has more experience, has worked on high-level jobs compared to you, and because of the number of readily available jobs against the many applying talents, he is ready to take a pay cut.

Can you equal or beat this?

If not, then you can try using these quick hacks to fix it.

Fixing your resume: the hack

+ Focus your application to a particular role: ensure you have your resume edited to fit each advertised role. Don’t use a general resume.

+ Update your resume with recent jobs: you should always be working. Always have something that’s testing your skills – your personal project, freelancing, volunteering etc. And add them to all your profile pages and resume.

+ Have your portfolio handy: There are various ways to fix this as it relates your skills. For instance, as a designer you’ve got Behance, Dribble etc. that you can use or Github for software developers. On the other hand, you can just create a simple portfolio website – WordPress can do this for you.

+ Always be writing your experience: There’s something great about sharing knowledge. On one hand, it is one of the best ways to retain what you’ve learnt. And also, connect with people in your industry. As an example of what you can write: document a step-by-step process of your last project.

This is of course some of the ways to stand out as an applicant especially in the tech industry. Hiring managers for tech skills always try to find your footprint everywhere that they can, and it is to your benefit if you can leave your footprint everywhere online too. But, ensure they’re positive footprints.

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