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Urgent Jobs: UX/UI Design Jobs You Should Apply For Now

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Businesses are no longer run as they you should especially if the business tech based.

Over the last five years, we’ve seen the rise of the UX/UI designer roles in different companies. Even though design roles have been with us for a long while, the transitioning from illustration and graphic design to human-centred design is still young.

As tech companies are been started, UX/UI design roles are among the early talent tech job roles that are filled.

“Design isn’t finished until somebody is using it.”

— Brenda Laurel, PhD, Independent Scholar

Why? Because experts have realized that humans have a pattern on how they use things. Before now, companies design and try shoving it in the users throat to use – things have changed now, bro.  

Users/Customers want to use any product to solve their personal problem. And that’s where you as a UX/UI designer come in.

To build what help users get their jobs done.

Companies Hiring For UX/UI Design Roles

+ Okra: Senior Product Designer

+ Ghost: Visual Designer

+ Decisive Technologies: UI/UX and Graphics Designer (Immediate Start)

+ Leapsail: Graphic Designer / UI/UX

+ Dreamlab: UX/UI Developer

+ Crossover: UX Design Lead

+ 10up: UX Designer | Visual Designer

+ Gitlab: Digital Experience and Design

+ Payever: UI/UX Graphic Designer – Remote

+ Automattic: Senior Product Designer – Remote

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