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When Are The Best Days to Send That CV? We Favoured Mondays For Tech Jobs

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It is no news how laying off, compulsory leave and operations shutdown is an everyday expectation from businesses.

Just last week, we heard the news of layoff’s – iRoko cut downs and Access Bank layoffs. Not a moment to be envied – as an employer or employee.

Employers are making tough calls right now; employees are hoping the stick doesn’t get to them.

Be proactive

As an employee, it is not enough to hope and pray – take proactive steps. Whether you think you’ve made yourself indispensable or not. Start putting your resume together and apply for that job.

You never can tell how everything will pan out. If you’re not the owner of the company, your stay isn’t 100% guaranteed.

And if you’re among those hit by the wave of the layoffs and compulsory leave – ‘compulsory leave means you stand a higher chance for permanent leave’ – then no need to engage in a long pity-party, put your CV and cover letter together and start applying for available jobs.

But, there’s a strategy

It’s of no use applying for every advertised job you see – many people are doing that already.

Among the many strategies in getting a job faster is timing – like sending your resume on Mondays according to the analysis by TalenWorks.

Some others suggested Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday as this source said – and they’ve got good reasons too.

Today is Monday while Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lie ahead of us – you are in good timing.

If you’re in tech or love to work in tech – with tech skills of course – there are jobs available for you. (If you want to quickly ramp up some tech skills, check this out and this)

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These companies are doing some active hiring; see available jobs

+ Okra: Software | Product | Designer | QA

+ Flutterwave: Product

+ Paystack: Product

+ Stears: Web Developer |

+ Softcom: Software | Design

+ Dreamlab: Intern | Web Developer | Design

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Applying on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays get you a step closer to getting the job.

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