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Becoming a Product Manager: 2 Free Masterclass For Product Managers

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According to a 2019 trend report, product management is one of the topmost jobs and Product Managers earn 3x pay when compared to other roles and positions in tech.

Product Managers are seen as leaders and their role central to the success of a product and even organization.

Companies that are building great products – Facebook, Google, Apple – know how important hiring a Product Manager is and how an effective Product Manager helps build unicorns.

How to become a product manager

Becoming a Product Manager has various entry points – customer support, software developer, business analyst, UX/UI designer, sales and marketing – the list is endless.

There are people whose journey started from being an english teacher.

Another way is to be deliberate about your journey and one of those ways is taking a course in product management.

Where to take a course on product management

+ Product Dive

+ Utiva

+ Product School  

+ And others we’ve talked about here.

Where to start

If you’ve been eyeing product management from afar and have decided to dip your feet inside the waters, you can start with some short courses online to introduce you to the whole concept of product management.

And decide if being a Product Manager would be a worthy journey for you.

You can here at Product School.

Product School termed themselves as the top school for anyone that want to begin a career in product management and for those already in it who want to improve their skills.

Product School is offering two masterclass for Product Managers.

+ Masterclass: How to build digital product [ENROL]

+ Masterclass: How to build your product career [ENROL]

At the end of these two classes, you would have an idea of what it takes to be a great Product Manager.

The idea is always being a great Product Manager so you can build great products.

You should enroll for these courses.

After the classes, it is only useful when you start applying all the lessons from the classes by applying for Product Managers’ job openings or as an Associate Product Manager.

Companies – startups and others – are regularly on the lookout for great Product Managers.

For Product Managers’ job openings, all these companies are currently and actively employing.

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