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More Jobless, Fewer Openings – See who’s hiring

Google and other tech companies hiring @TSNjobs |

We are definitely at an unusual time as what we use to know as a way of living as changed.

It has affected our lives personally and the companies where we work. Some are blessed to still have a percentage of their salaries paid at the end of the month while others are just glad they can still keep themselves busy even though they’re not sure if the pay is coming at month end.

A lot of companies have been badly hit – so they’re likely to cut down staff and hiring. 

Job openings at tech firms nationally have dropped in the past months. It’s a reminder that the avalanche of layoffs is only one part of the unemployment equation.

Even the healthiest company tends to become more cautious in an economic situation as unpredictable as this one – COVID19.

The decline looks like it will keep getting worse. Google is cutting down its marketing budget and significantly slowing hiring for the rest of the year.

More companies will follow suit.

The good news

 While their may be fewer openings in tech firms – startups and big co’s, we at TSNjobs are determined to bring you fresh opportunities as they become available.

Whatever your job and working preference, tech makes almost all things possible – from working remotely to flexible work hours.

We are here to get you into tech companies and get the tech firms brilliant talents.

Tech companies hiring in Nigeria

Google. Microsoft. Apple. Flutterwave.

Paystack. Mastercard. Kobo360.

Remote jobs

Scopic Software

More companies are hiring at TSNjobs.

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