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Follow These 3 Tips To Land Your Desired Job In Tech

3 Tactics To Get Your Desired Job In Tech |

There are different reasons people apply for jobs – increase in salary to change of career. The seemingly high pay that goes along with tech jobs or jobs-in-tech as some would prefer to call is everywhere now.

However, the process of searching for jobs tend to be the same for everyone – upload your CV and profile on a job site and start applying away at all vacancies that resemble what we want.

We are not so much concern about the advertised job – we just want to have a job that can pay the bills. (*Paying the bills Is essential, you probably have to secure this before any other thing. This is a short gun approach.)

All things being equal, we don’t go the extra mile to search out companies and roles we would like to work at.

At TSNjobs, we want you to be strategic as much as you can. We found 3 articles (post) that can help you fine-tune your job search and land your desired job role at companies you would like to work at.

PS: You should factor all advice from these articles to fit into your current situation and industry-specific.

Follow these 3 steps to land your tech job earlier than you thought :

  1. How I Got A Marketing Job With No Applications or Interviews: A Step-by-Step Guide by David Khim. [Read]
  2. How to get high-paying tech jobs in Nigeria by Wole Ogunlade. [Read]
  3. How to Look Qualified For a Tech Job When You’re a Little Light on Experience by Jeremy Schifeling. [Read]

PSS: A good way to apply the knowledge from these articles would be to find a job or company you would like to work at on TSNjobs, and before you go ahead to submit your CV – do a search of the company online and follow the steps outlined in the help articles.

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