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2 Online Platforms To Learn New Technology Skills For Free

free online courses for tech startups

2020 for some – tech people and tech companies, started with a fan-fair as they set out their goals for the year. The goals have been an audacious one that gets their adrenaline pumping putting every strategy on place to achieve them.

Entered COVID-19

That has changed – startups and the big companies.  And these has caused for some restructuring and reposition – stopped operations, remote work, furloughing, job loss.

Looking forward to post covid19, there’s no doubt that a lot of people would be laid off, salaries will cut and all other changes.

As there would be many lay-offs so there’ll be more opportunities – new roles would be open especially in tech, new tech startups would be formed and tech jobs would be available as more companies would have realized the advantage of running remote.

Those who survive afterwards would be those who are prepared for what’s coming.

One advantage you should have is getting ‘tech ready’ as there’ll be tech jobs available and most companies would become tech companies.

How To Prepare: Improved or Additional Skills For Tech Jobs

Many online technology education platforms like Udacity, Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare (giving 2 free months of its premium courses), Shaw Academy, Harvard, Pluralsight amongst many, have opened up their platforms with discounts or free classes.

These classes are mostly on business and technology skills: software development, business analysis, data scientist etc.

2 Platforms You Can Start Learning Free On Now

Pluralsight: For well-rounded tech-focused courses, Pluralsight is highly recommended. They have a huge catalogue of courses you can choose from.

Being able to focus on a course and see that you finish a full module before proceeding to the next would be your advantage.

Sign-up on Pluralsight here for free.

Offer available in April for now.

Shaw Academy: They are not entirely free, as you would have to confirm your payment card with about N200, buy the course toolkit at a discount of N2999 and the certificate for N2999.

In all, they have courses ranging from diploma in digital marketing to mobile app development.

You can schedule your time to attend the courses which are hosted on webinar, and you can also download to watch after the scheduled classes.

You can sign-up here.

These listed platforms are however not an exhaustive one. You can access YouTube to see the many courses and available tutorials. But, if you are taking these courses to add to your resume, then it makes sense to go for the ones that issue certificates.

Software is eating the world and one way you won’t get eaten is become tech ready and savvy.

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